9 More Must-Read Online Marketing Articles for 2019

When it comes to online marketing these days, there are two important things you must know… First of all, understand that knowledge is still power. Therefore, if you believe it, you must also practice what you preach and teach. The best marketers are those who read articles, gain knowledge, apply it, and then share it with clients and colleagues.

In fact, in order to remain successful in online marketing, you’ll want to set aside some weekly time for continuing education, or personal professional development. This is the time that you utilize to stay updated with the latest industry trends and innovative strategies. Overall, in doing so, you can customize your personal marketing strategies accordingly.

Earlier this month, Convergent1 shared the top 10 online marketing articles that are still relevant. Well, below, we share another 9 articles that are must-reads for 2019. Happy reading!

Relevant Marketing That’s Lasting… So Far

  1. ‘6 Tools to Turbocharge Your Content Marketing in 2017’ is still relevant today. It shares some of the best tools that content marketers can use to improve their content for better conversions and workflow.
  1. ‘How to Create a Meaningful Brand Online’ explains how you can create a meaningful brand for business success.
  1. ‘Why Artificial Intelligence is the Future of Content Marketing?’ is another interesting article that will resonate in 2019. Ultimately, it focuses on the shift in content marketing in the future with the use of AI.
  1. ‘Drive Your Sales with 7 Powerful Emotional Triggers’ provides a fascinating insight into the human psychology of emotions. In fact, it looks at how human emotions play an active role in building successful customer engagement and enhancing customer base for brands.
  1. ‘Brands Need to Master Storytelling, Or Risk Becoming Irrelevant’ is another relatable piece as marketers cannot deny the power of storytelling. This piece sheds light on how to approach brand storytelling correctly.
  1. ‘4 Lessons We’ve Learned, Sometimes the Hard Way, About Inclusive Marketing’ focuses on inclusive marketing and how it should be incorporated into your digital strategy for success.
  1. Technical Considerations for Your Local Business Websiteis an online marketing must-read. This article is especially for those who wish to rank in Google’s top searches.
  1. ‘Big Data and the Creative Destruction of Today’s Business Models’ talks about big data, what big data represents and how is it evolving with time.
  1. ‘The Best Content Marketing Examples’ serves as an excellent article for inspiring new content developers. It lists down effective content marketing examples, which are worth reading and learning from.

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