How to Resolve Duplicate Content

March 4, 2021 Moz

Posted by meghanpahinuiWhat is duplicate content, and why is it a concern for your website? Better yet, how can you find it and fix it? In this week's episode of Whiteboard Friday, Moz Learn Team specialist, Meghan, walks through some handy (and hunger-inducing) analogies to help you answer these qu...

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10 Steps to Blend STAT Ranking Data with Site Performance Metrics

March 2, 2021 Moz

Posted by AndrewMillerToo often, we assume that SEO best practices will work in any industry against any competitive set. But most best practices go untested and may not be “best” in every situation. We all know that tactics that worked in 2020 won’t necessarily move the needle in 2021 as Core...

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Featured Snippets Drop to Historic Lows

February 28, 2021 Moz

Posted by Dr-PeteOn February 19, MozCast measured a dramatic drop (40% day-over-day) in SERPs with Featured Snippets, with no immediate signs of recovery. Here's a two-week view (February 10-23): Here's a 60-day view, highlighting this historic low-point in our 10K-keyword data set: I could take the...

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Google Posts: Conversion Factor — Not Ranking Factor

February 25, 2021 Moz

Posted by Greg_GiffordWhile Google Posts aren’t a ranking factor, they can still be an incredibly effective resource for increasing local business conversions — when used correctly. This week’s Whiteboard Friday host, Greg Gifford, shows you how to put your best post forward. Click on the whit...

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The Potential Impact of Gen Z on SEO

February 24, 2021 Moz

Posted by stewartfussellGeneration Z's behaviors differ from the cohorts that came before it, creating a new challenge for businesses marketing to consumers within it. Gen Z's presence is also growing in the marketing industry itself and, as such, learning how to work with and appeal to these y...

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How Did US Stimulus Checks Impact On-Site Traffic and Conversions? [Case Study]

February 23, 2021 Moz

Posted by OeuyownKAs a Senior Analytics Strategist working at an agency with clients across industries, I’ve seen wildly contrasting performance throughout the pandemic. Certain online retailers and auto sites were far surpassing any historical performance, while others had to cut back budgets sig...

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The Strategic Value of Structured Data Implementation on SME Websites

February 22, 2021 Moz

Posted by CrystalontheWebStructured data is one of the most effective ways to increase the visibility of your website content and increase the sustainability of your SEO as Google implements regular updates to the SERP environment. Over the last five years, many of Google’s most game-changing SERP...

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7 Emerging Technologies in SEO and Their Applications

February 21, 2021 Moz

Posted by AbdulGaniy_ShehuSEO is a dynamic industry. What worked some weeks ago might not work again right now. As an SEO professional, you need to know the latest trends and emerging technologies, to keep up with the ever-changing demand of the industry. That way, you can stay on top of your game a...

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How to Explain Domain Authority to a Non-SEO

February 18, 2021 Moz

Posted by OrbiteerDo you ever have to explain the importance of Domain Authority to clients or co-workers who have little or no SEO experience? If so, this week’s WBF host — Andy Crestodina — walks through how to get your message across successfully. Click on the whiteboard image above to...

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Presenting: The Essential Local SEO Strategy Guide

February 17, 2021 Moz

Posted by MiriamEllisUntie the ribbons and hear the paper crackle — it’s a handcrafted gift, ready for you to unwrap! This guide is a labor of love that Moz has worked on through the toughest year in local SEO, with hopes of a stronger 2021 for local brands. It’s free, it’s jam-packed with o...

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