Top 10 Marketing Articles That Are Still Relevant

Strategic marketing is one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness and strong brand identity. For achieving your strategic marketing goals, you need a clever mix of new and proven strategies. When it comes to the tried-and-tested strategies, we have created a list of 10 marketing articles that stand the test of time. Furthermore, they can offer you great ideas to power your brand to the next level of success. So, let’s take a quick look at them:

The Top 10

  1. ‘SEO Is Back. Thank God’ provides a deep insight into how the ranking algorithm of Google plays a significant role in the industry. Unfortunately, the industry is still saturated with clickbait and manipulation.
  2. ‘How to Become a Customer Acquisition Expert’. This is an evergreen piece as it teaches you to build yourself into an indispensable marketer by layering skills as you progress. It’s an excellent read for struggling marketers.
  3. ‘Reflecting on My Failure to Build a Billion Dollar Company’. Yet another fantastic article that we think is still relevant in 2019. The article can help beginners who are in the quest of building their equity empire understand that success is not just about money.
  4. ‘7 Ways Psychology Can Make Your Facebook Ads Unforgettable’. This is an insightful article that shares practical ways to use psychological techniques. It also shares the latest research for crafting Facebook ads in order to maximize persuasion.
  5. ‘White Hat Link Building: The Zen Masters’ Guide’ is a great read. For instance, it provides examples of both effective and difficult link-building tactics. The article also shows how to implement them successfully.
  6. The Advanced Guide to SEO’, as the name suggests, offers key information about SEO and how to use it for marketing success.
  7. ‘A 17-Point Content Marketing Checklist Proven to Boost Your Engagement’. This consequently focuses on the basics of content marketing for increasing client reach and engagement.
  8. 12 Ways to Increase Traffic from Google without Building Links’

    Click this link to discover how it shares creative methods to increase conversions and improve optimizations strategies.

  9. From 0 to 110k Instagram Followers In 5 Months: The Growth Story of Foundr’ is about the success story of Nathan Chan, the founder of ‘Foundr’. It’s, in fact, an online magazine for entrepreneurs. This article shares how he successfully leveraged the power of Instagram to increase his followers. Overall, it’s a must-read for those looking to create buzz on Instagram in 2019.
  10. ‘16 Explosive Content Promotion Strategies’ comprises of 16 essential strategies and tools for creating engaging content. Additionally, this content can get you maximum links and social shares.

These are some of the top marketing articles that we feel are still relevant today. Happy reading from Convergent1!

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