The Not-So-Secret Value of Podcast Transcripts – Whiteboard Friday

December 26, 2019 Moz

Posted by NikiMosierWhat are the benefits of transcribing your podcasts and what's the best way to go about getting them on your site? Niki Mosier breaks it down into 8 easy steps in this week's episode of Whiteboard Friday. Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high resolution version in a ...

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They’re the Best Around: The Top 25 Moz Blog Posts of 2019

December 25, 2019 Moz

Posted by FeliciaCrawfordWell, folks, it's that time of year again. It's hard to believe we've already gone another turn around the ol' sun. But I've consulted my analytics data and made my SQL queries, and I'm here today to present to you the list of the top Moz Blog posts of 2019! For a little per...

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Actually Accurate Analytics – Whiteboard Friday

December 19, 2019 Moz

Posted by RuthBurrReedyClean, useful Google Analytics data is all-important — both for you, and for the clients and colleagues that will be working on the site in the future. Ruth Burr Reedy shares her absolute best tips for getting your Analytics data accurate, consistent, and future-proof i...

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The Economics of Link Building

December 17, 2019 Moz

Posted by Alex-TLife has taught me that good things should be expensive — especially when it comes to any type of digital marketing services. If you’re not an expert, you can end up getting something far from what you’ve been expecting. Here’s an example of “the best mascot image you can g...

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6 Local Search Marketing DIY Tips for the Crafting Industry

December 16, 2019 Moz

Posted by MiriamEllisThink crafting is kids’ stuff? Think again. The owners of quilting, yarn, bead, fabric, woodworking, art supply, stationers, edible arts, and related shops know that: The crafting industry generated $44 billion in 2016 in the US alone.63% of American households engage in at le...

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Spectator to Partner: Turn Your Clients into SEO Allies – Best of Whiteboard Friday

December 12, 2019 Moz

Posted by KameronJenkinsAre your clients your allies in SEO, or are they passive spectators? Could they even be inadvertently working against you? A better understanding of expectations, goals, and strategy by everyone involved can improve your client relations, provide extra clarity, and reduce the...

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‘Tis the Season for Reporting (And a New Mini Guide)

December 12, 2019 Moz

Posted by Roger-MozBotHow is it already reporting season again? Time to generate those dreaded end-of-year SEO reports that take hours to create and mere seconds for your client to skim through and toss to the side. We’ve all been there. But here's the thing: it’s absolutely necessary! Not only ...

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Becoming an Industry Thought Leader: Advanced Techniques for Finding the Best Places to Pitch Guest Posts

December 9, 2019 Moz

Posted by KristinTynskiIf you’re involved in any kind of digital PR — or pitching content to writers to expand your brand awareness and build strong links — then you know how hard it can be to find a good home for your content. I’m about to share the process you can use to identify the best,...

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The Local Algorithm: Relevance, Proximity, and Prominence

December 5, 2019 Moz

Posted by MaryBowlingHow does Google decide what goes into the local pack? It doesn't have to be a black box — there's logic behind the order. In this week's Whiteboard Friday, renowned local SEO expert Mary Bowling lays out the three factors that drive Google's local algorithm and local rankings ...

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Convince Your Boss to Send You to MozCon 2020 (Plus Bonus Letter Template!)

December 4, 2019 Moz

Posted by cheryldraperIt’s that time of year again. Professional development budgets are being distributed and you're daydreaming of Roger hugs and fist bumps. Well, this is a call to arms! It's time to get down to business and convince your boss that you HAVE to go to MozCon 2020. You're already ...

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